SWiS - Housing Service Graz

The SWiS - Housing Service Graz offers with support of the City ogf Graz and the province of Styria at its website the possibility to find rooms or flats. The data on this website is updated every day.

You can filter the data of rooms or flats by the location, the floor space, the number of rooms or by the price.
If you have found an appropriate room or flat, you can immediatly contact the landlord or the property management. These informations are provided freee of charge by the SWiS. Only in some cases if the flat was advertised by a real estate broker a commission could be charged by this broker. Normaly this is mentioned in the advertisement.

The SWiS does not accept any liability for the correctnes of the advertisements. The information is sent from the landlord or the vendor to the office of the SWiS and is presented here as it is.